15 July, 2019 Morgan

Designer FAQs: 10 Questions You’ve Been Secretly Wanting to Ask

Business etiquette and political correctness can sometimes be a hindrance to the creative process: people get nervous of offending, or they are unsure of what can be said or done in the process of completing a project. Respectful honesty is key in achieving success in any creative process, so in this post we answer some questions we think you may have been wanting to ask us.

Why can I pay someone on Fivver $50 for a logo whereas a freelance designer or Agency will quote me upwards of $600 for a logo?

The logic behind this is actually simple – yet some get confused because we are talking about a creative service (yes, there are ways to structure, schedule and quantify creative work).


So – the logic is this – and I will use a service-based example to be as relatable as I can: when you pay a travel agent to organise your trip, what are you paying for? Why are you paying for a premium compared to just booking the flights yourself?


Answer: the expertise and the added service (which saves you time). The same logic applies to graphic design, branding design. When you pay a premium for those services, you’re not just paying an artist’s over-inflated ego (i.e not just paying for someone with experience, a respectable folio who is in demand). You are paying for a professional service that is trustworthy, that has the expertise to guide you through the process and that will go the extra mile to relieve you of as many tasks as possible. It takes experience, time and skill to manage a project in a professional manner and it is not something every designer out there is able to do.

How much does it cost approximately to get a website ready for my business?

How long is a piece of string? Estimating the time and technical requirements to build any website requires a minimum of information and we need to have those answers before we can even guesstimate the price of your future website.

How long will it take to complete my project?

We are always able to estimate a time-frame for turning around your project, big or small. Delays however can occur for several reasons:


The unpredictable nature of the creative process can sometimes make a project last longer than anticipated. Particularly true with branding design but applicable to all design projects. I might hit the mark on what you want on the first go or the second, you might change your mind or want to tweak things etc.


This might sound obvious but I swear it gets overlooked: the time you take in answering our queries to progress with your project also counts in delaying the estimated deadline.

Are you going to laugh at me if I send you my bad drawing of my vision for my planned project/design?

Yes we will – haha just joking. We are actually the last ones to laugh at anyone else’s creative efforts purely because we have gone through a heart-wrenching process as young designers, during which we learned how to show our work without shame and accept criticism. Sometimes, a visual can do what words can’t do to communicate an idea so put your pride aside and send us your pretty drawings!

How much crazy artsy talk can I engage in when discussing my vision with you?

Relax, it’s a safe space. We don’t judge and we appreciate when others enjoy the creative process as much as we do. So feel free to tell us anything you think is relevant to the project and useful to us, no matter how crazy it seems. We are here to make crazy happen – we just help you to structure the crazy into a strategic, effective and professionally-designed final result.

What do I do if I don’t like the designs you send me? What do I do if this happens more than once??

I’ve noticed some first-time clients start panicking when they are not happy with a design I have submitted to them. I’ve had clients be over-apologetic in trying to tell me they don’t like it, others who just go into silent mode until I communicate to them that it’s ok to be critical.


I reiterate: the creative process is not perfectly linear in nature – so keep calm and communicate. If I don’t hit the mark the first time, all I need is to understand your vision better so it is important that you are honest in your feedback.

Who owns the copyright of the designs I paid for?

THE question on every client’s lips! It is a tricky one. In Australia, the copyright technically remains the property of the designer unless the designer is an employee of the company he/she designs for (in which case the copyright is the company’s property) OR unless it is mentioned in writing that the copyright is granted to the client once the account is paid in full.

Why can’t you just do what I say?

This question deserves to be answered with another question: why are you hiring a professional designer? We always want to do the best we can to make it happen for you but we still have limitations. Technically, not everything is possible and some things can only be achieved with lots of time, money or certain tools. And then there are the times when we blatantly refuse to take a specific direction because we firmly believe it is not beneficial for your business… don’t be stubborn when this happens because you are not doing yourself any favours (why would we refuse business?).

Why do you nerds drink so much coffee/tea/Coca-Cola?

I don’t know. It’s just a fact of life, accept it. Where is my coffee?

Is design really always that tricky and time-consuming or are you designers fooling us?

I can assure you most designers I know are shy, insecure creatures who underestimate themselves and undercharge for their work rather than the opposite. Some of the most simplistic designs have weeks of work behind them so don’t judge a book by its cover!