Analysis & Strategy

Aligning your Brand with your Market & Goals

We build strategic brands by offering a complete range of comprehensive expert services.

Brand equity is real and quantifiable. We are trained and have the real-world experience to understand how best to build value for your brand and its intended targets. From picking your brand apart to creating strategic branding & visuals – we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process.

  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creating Brand Guidelines
  • Techniques to Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand & Logo Design

Creating the Visual Translation of your Strategic Purpose

Etikette works with big and smaller brands: we tailor our service and pricing to your needs. From logo design to full strategic brand development – we are able to help new & existing brands cut through the noise with marketing expertise and professional design.

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Design & Development
  • Focus Group Testing

Print & Publication Design

Creating strategic pieces of communication for print output

We have the experience to back-up your specific communication requirements. Etikette brings years of experience designing everything for print – we understand the processes and finishes to make sure your print work is top of the line.

  • Stationary Design
  • Publication & Catalogue Design
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Corporate Presentation Suites
  • Product Packaging & Labels

Signage & Physical Installations

Indoor/outdoor signage and POS visuals for shops, venues, events

We have extensive knowledge & experience designing signage and outdoor installations for commercial, corporate, industrial and events – we work with suppliers to make sure you achieve premium results.

  • Window Vinyl Stickers & Decals
  • Shop Awnings & Commercial Installations
  • Way-finding Signage for Events/Activations
  • POS Branding

Graphics for Web & Digital

Creating strategic pieces of communication for digital output

There is no design without digital these days. We develop graphics with your digital marketing goals and markets in mind – tailoring graphics to each platform’s purpose and audience.

  • Graphics for Websites
  • Graphics for Social Media
  • Design for Outdoor Screens & Large Displays
  • Graphics for Digital Branding (e.g Icons)


What our clients think

Brand equity is what drives us.