The service and expertise we offer at Etikette often goes beyond graphic and/or web design. More often than not, a big part of my job is to solve business problems for my clients. People come to Etikette for more than just design, they come to us for solutions that will help their business perform, help them reach goals or reduce expenditures.

Whollygrail was one such client, in need of some “integrated” help rather than just design. With my goals for Etikette to be part of a sustainable future, the arrival of Whollygrail, a brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical trade, was all the more promising. 

Finding (the) Whollygrail

Earlier this year I endeavoured to become a member of a few groups for Ethical and Sustainable businesses on Facebook in order to start connecting with like-minded people. Danielle from Whollygrail saw one of my comments and asked about help for her website / e-commerce. It started with a small fix but as I got talking with Danielle and found out more about her story, I realised that a little push in the right direction might be a welcome help.

Troubleshooting the problem

We spoke a lot about her vision and our common values as well as the way she had been approaching her target audience. We realised that as a truly passionate eco and ethical advocate, Danielle had been slowly shifting the focus away from her products and onto her vision or message. There is no issue with having a great message quite the opposite actually, but the message has to serve the business goals and at this stage Danielle needed to maintain and increase sales. 

Our solution

I suggested a few adjustments in full consideration of Danielle’s current budget in order to shift the spotlight to her online shop and increase sales, in turn opening more opportunities for the development of her business goals and vision. The changes included:

  • Referral to our trusted SEO providers (Studio Hawk, one of the best in Australia)
  • UX adjustments to the website – highlighting the shop and improving the user experience
  • Design of some promotional postcards with a QR code to the online shop and a discount code
Improvements to

Danielle committed to SEO straight away, which is preferable as this always takes a little push at first to take effect. Whilst Studio Hawk worked on this, the team at Etikette (Ali and I) started to implement changes to the website. When Danielle mentioned an event in Melbourne featuring her business I suggested the promotional postcards. We made sure that by the time the event took place, the cards were printed, delivered and the changes to the website were completed.

This is exactly the type of relationship we enjoy building at Etikette and I look forward to seeing what the Whollygrail X Etikette adventure brings in the future. If you would like to see what Whollygrail has to offer, feel free to visit the website here:

If you have a design issue or a marketing puzzle you cannot solve, don’t hesitate to talk to us: it’s free and you never know what we might be able to do for you!